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Appointments are available Monday to Saturday 8am-8pm

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As a personal change coach, hypnotherapist and trainer, I help people overcome problems, challenges, concerns, frustrations, pain, anxiety and fear in their life.  This enables my clients to move forward positively which enables them to cope better, have more confidence, be empowered, motivated, and energetic. This results in greater happiness and success in what is really important to them.

Working with issues such as smoking, anxiety, weight loss, phobias, depression, addictions, pain, relationships, health and many others across the board, I act as an agent of change, a catalyst in generating positive changes and enabling my clients to transcend and overcome their problems quickly so that they can get on with living their life.

On a general level I work with clients who want to achieve certain goals and changes in their life. This coaching methodology identifies barriers in their minds which may be preventing them from moving forwards, and we achieve breakthrough. In many cases I find clients experience a real ‘awakening’ of realisation when we get to the crux of underlying issues.

The reason why my work is so successful is because my approach is integrative and transformational.  I bring to your session over 15 years of experience, skills, and learnings in enabling you to change. This combines my vast understanding of NLP, Hypnosis, Energy Work, together into a paradigm that facilitates change and transformation.    

Most clients only need between 1 and 3 sessions with me. Those who require ongoing coaching and development arrange sessions over a longer period of time.

Whatever your issue, I can help.  Whether it be self-image issues, addictions which are jeopardising health and well being to teeth grinding (bruxism).

Coaching & Therapy in Newcastle

Why Choose Mike?

Appointments are available:

Monday to Sunday 8am-8pm

A typical feedback from my work :

Derek: “I have gambled for over 20 years, I always knew I had a problem but would never admit it. I finally plucked up the courage to seek help. After searching the internet I came across Mike Bell and thought I would give him a try. After meeting with him for the first session I have never thought about gambling and feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. He really put me at ease and make me think about what I wanted from life. I would truly recommend Mike for any kind of addiction you may have. He has changed my life and I couldn't thank him enough”.  Many thanks

If my approach is of interest to you, and you are serious about making changes to your wellbeing and your life then please contact me to discuss your life matters, in a way which is supportive and confidential.